DoD strategic research plan released

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Melissa Norr over at the CRA’s policy blog is reporting that the Department of Defense Research and Engineering guys released their 2007 Strategic Plan this week.

The DDR&E strategy focuses on countering four different types of threats with research and engineering efforts: traditional, irregular, catastrophic, and disruptive….In its list of “enabling technologies that should receive the highest level of corporate attention and coordination,” information technology, persistent surveillance technologies, networks and communications, software research, “organization, fusion and mining data,” cognitive enhancements, robotics, autonomous systems technologies, and large data set analysis tools all figure prominently. In fact, IT figures in almost all the DOD’s “desired capabilities” in the plan.

You can find the plan here.


  1. That’s CRA’s policy blog. 🙂

    Not that we don’t love ACM’s Tech Policy Blog, too….

  2. Yikes! Fixed…