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Here’s the deal: I’ve decided to stop writing here at

It is a very tough decision. I love the site, and as it’s popularity has grown I’ve gotten to see a side of my profession I didn’t know anything about. But, meeting the demands of the site isn’t consistent with the other priorities of my life any longer. I’ve thought about changing the format to make it more manageable, but that runs counter to what I want the site to be. If it’s going to survive and I’m going to do it, then it has to be a daily news site.

And so that’s it for me.

I’d rather not just shut the whole thing down, though. If you’d like to take over the reins at, you can have them. Send me an email, and we’ll arrange a transfer of passwords. I’ll delay a takedown until Friday at 5pm central, so if you’re interested let me know soon.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have been faithful readers. I’m grateful for the trust you’ve shown me, and I hope you’ll understand that I’m not making this decision lightly.


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  1. Sad news…hope someone can take up the reins!! -David

  2. Bummer! InsideHPC had become a valuable source of info for me, so I’m very sorry to see it go. But thanks, John, for all the work you did on the site! I can appreciate how hard it is to keep the posts flowing — especially when one has a “day job” — and was always impressed by the volume (and quality) of content you produced. Hope you’ll continue to weigh in elsewhere on things affecting the field!


  3. Bummer! I’ll miss it. Be sure to post a link here if you start writing somewhere else, though!

  4. John,

    How about asking a few readers to submit stories and appointing a few other editors to free you from the day-to-day stuff? You could stay editor in chief and contribute as your time allows…

    I’m in for all things software…


  5. I second Jay’s request! I’d be happy to submit HPC news, maybe a story or two…


  6. Chris Vaughan says

    I 3rd Jay’s request!


  7. Thanks for all the great feedback, and I’m happy to say that there’s at least a short term plan. Look for a post in the next hour or so…and those of you that offered to help write, get ready!