NEC Launches SX-9 Vector Supercomputer

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NEC has officially announced the release of the next installment of its vector supercomputer, the SX-9. The SX-9 is said to be theoretically capable of peaking at 102.4 GFLOPS per single core. This translates to a total system peak performance rating of 839 TFLOPS. The system features also include shared memory of up to 1TB and high performance interconnects running at 128GB/s.

NEC logoNEC’s vector supercomputers are being utilized in a wide array of fields, including advanced weather forecasting, aerospace, the environment and fluid dynamics, and have won praise from international and domestic universities and research organizations, as well as private corporations, for their high sustained performance and price competitiveness,” said Mr. Yoshikazu Maruyama, Senior Vice President and Member of the Board at NEC Corporation

Read the full list of features and the remainder of the article here.


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