The Register reviews Sun's HPC kit

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SC07: Ashlee Vance over at El Reg has a nice overview of Sun’s HPC gear, much of which is to be officially announced at the show this week (but most of which has been pre-announced and in discussion for some time).

For example, we have the Sun Blade 6048 Modular System. This is Sun’s new, dense blade server chassis that can hold SPARC-, Opteron- and Xeon-based servers. Customers can mix and match the different blades and slot up to 48 blades in a single chassis.

…To complement the blade system, Sun is also rolling out its hulking switch designed by co-founder Andy Bechtolsheim. The Datacenter Switch 3456 gets its name from the whopping 3,456 ports.

…On the insanity front, Sun is finally shipping the StorageTek 5800 storage system – aka “Honeycomb.” Er, we first wrote about this unit way back in 2004. Friends saw actual prototype units at that time.

As you probably know, the server, switch, and storage products are all being wrapped up into the marketing package called Constellation. Rumor is that this is also the secret password that gets you the good schwag at their booth. Tell ’em we sent you.