Center for Computational Geosciences Postdocs

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Postdoctoral positions at ICES, Univ of Texas at Austin

I have several immediate openings for postdoctoral researchers within the Center for Computational Geosciences at the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (, University of Texas at Austin. The positions involve research on large-scale inverse problems in the geosciences, specifically in seismology, mantle convection, subsurface flow, and ocean dynamics. Research issues include the quantification of uncertainty in inverse problems, scalable algorithms, and parallel adaptivity.

The research will be conducted jointly with collaborators from ICES, the Jackson School of Geosciences, and several other universities and national labs, and will make use of Ranger, a .5 Petaflop supercomputer that is being deployed by the Texas Advanced Computing Center. Candidates should have a strong background in scientific computing, numerical analysis, and PDE solvers. Background in finite elements, inverse problems, continuum mechanics, optimization, and geosciences is desirable. Experience in large-scale parallel code development is essential.

To apply, please send your CV (listing courses taken and at least two references) to me at

-Omar Ghattas


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