Arkansas installs 13 TFLOPS Dell

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The University of Arkansas is installing a new 1,256-core Xeon super from Dell (InfiniBand interconnect) with all that money they got from the NSF late last year. The computer, called the Star of Arkansas, is the fastest super in the state.

Like Red Diamond, Star will be connected to the Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network, making it accessible to scientists and engineers in Arkansas and the region to collaborate with university researchers. In addition, the supercomputer and optical network enable collaborative courses in high-performance and grid computing, as well as seminars and academic courses, attracting new users and building computational expertise in the region. The Star of Arkansas will also be used to teach undergraduate and graduate students how to perform complex modeling and simulations.

More at HPCwire.


  1. Michael Stevens says

    Their quote about fastest machine in the state has me wondering if Sam Walton’s company in Bentonville would agree.

  2. Mike – excellent point…something was niggling at the back of my mind while I wrote that story. Now I know what it was: Wal Mart.

  3. Well then, let the Bentonville juggernaut run the benchmarks and submit their results as well…

  4. Since you’re local, can you swing by over there and let them know we’d really (really) like to know what they’re running?

    The new Dell is clearly a boon for R&D in the state, and they are rightly proud of the fact that it is the largest R&D resource in Ak.

  5. Haha! Love to help you John, but I am pretty busy with the “Star” install and config right now 😉


  6. Jeff – good luck. Let us know how its going or, better yet, send us pics and I’ll post them here.

  7. Thanks man, we appreciate it!

    Update you soon.