The 411: PSSC Labs

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PSSC Labs (Professional Service, Super Computers) delivers high performance computing clusters, workstations, servers and storage systems. PSSC Labs solutions aim to allow customers to focus on their work and not managing their computers. Here’s the 4-1-1.

Who: Founded in 1989, PSSC Labs has shipped over 600 industry recognized PowerWulf Clusters. Each PowerWulf Cluster includes the Complete Beowulf Software Toolkit (CBeST) to facilitate cluster management, monitoring, and maintenance.

What: PSSC Labs delivers complete, turn key, high performance computing solutions including PowerWulf Clusters, PowerServe Servers, PowerStation Workstation and RaidStation Storage Solutions. All systems are custom configured to meet the needs, specifications and budget of the end users.

Why (you care): PSSC Labs understands the importance of the work conducted by their end users. PSSC Labs takes the necessary time and energy to properly configure and test all systems before shipping. This extra care and attention ensures that the end user receives a system that allows them to focus on their work and not managing a computer system.

Where: For more information please visit