Acceleware's GPU-based cluster

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Yesterday Acceleware announced an interesting product, the C30-16

Based on NVIDIA Tesla GPU computing technology, Acceleware’s new cluster solution is available in four pre-defined configurations, allowing for customers to match their processing needs. The cluster solutions start with a 16 GPU configuration and progresses through 32, 48 and up to 64 GPUs. The NVIDIA GPU nodes come packaged in a 1U (four GPU) data center form-factor coupled with host server nodes that incorporate high-speed Infiniband interconnect.

Acceleware is aiming this product as a hardware platform for its industry-oriented software solutions

Acceleware’s enterprise customers, ranging from innovators of high-tech products to oil exploration firms operating in complex geological locations, require specialized solutions to address their difficult computational requirements. Acceleware’s vertical domain expertise in building designed-for-parallel, performance tuned software combined with GPU clustering experience, results in leading edge application performance previously unattainable on conventional hardware clusters. This solution brings together all the advantages of clustering – scalable commodity performance, enterprise-class computing capacity – with the advantages of GPU acceleration – compelling performance gains, higher compute densities and lower total cost of ownership from superior power, cooling and space utilization.