Budapest out the door at AMD (finally)

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AMD is finally talking about commercial sales of Budapest. From eWeek

AMD logoNow that “Barcelona” is here, Advanced Micro Devices is turning its attention to “Budapest.” The chip maker plans to unveil three new quad-core Opteron processors for single-socket servers this week at the 2008 Computex conference in Taiwan. The chips, developed under the code name “Budapest,” will fill out the company’s quad-core Opteron portfolio, which ran into a series of problems related back to 2007, when the company found a design flaw in the original silicon.

The big difference between the Barcelona and Budapest versions is that Budapest uses HyperTransport 3.

While Cray is using the chips for high-performance computing, Steve Demski, an AMD marketing manager, said these Opterons are geared for the lower end of the enterprise market as well as midmarket businesses and even SMBs (small and midsize businesses) that look to buy less expensive servers.


  1. I guess these are the chips that are in the newly upgraded Jaguar @ ORNL ? Original spec 2.2 GHz actual 2.1 GHz

  2. Yes, and they were used to upgrade an 8600 core super at ERDC as well.