Niagara 3 to have 16 cores and 16 threads in late 2009 [Title corrected]

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From Ashlee Vance writing at The Register on Monday this week

We’ve confirmed that Sun is looking to push the UltraSPARC Tx line to even greater heights with a 16-core, 16-thread per core eight-socket server. So, each socket is chewing through an insane 256 threads. And the eight-socket box will do 2,048 threads….Rock does, in fact, have 16 cores as well, but they’re beefier cores with better single thread performance. Sun is claiming that Rock can do two or four threads per core, depending on whether or not you turn on its Scout pre-fetching technology.


  1. Brent Gorda says

    Your title says 16 sockets. You mean 16 cores n’est pas?