9th Russian Top50 released

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News from HPCwire yesterday that the ninth list of the Top50 supercomputers in Russia has been released

The new edition of the list was announced on Sept. 23 at the All-Russian scientific conference “Scientific service on the Internet: Large-scale problems’ solution.” T-Platforms maintains the leading positions with respect to the number of systems represented in the list (18 systems), followed by Hewlett-Packard (11 systems) and IBM (8 systems).

The list is here. Not so oddly, but certainly unhelpfully for me, it’s in Russian. It looks like the top machine comes in at about 55 TFLOPS, and by the time we get to number 5 we’re down to 15 TFLOPS (if you can read Russian and I’ve got it wrong, please leave a comment). HPCwire’s piece has more details on the breakdown of technologies and industries.


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  1. You are right, #5 in the list is about 15 TFlops. And systems at the bottom half of the list (#25-#50) aren’t more productive than 3 TFlops.