SC08 panels announced

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Again, from HPCwire

Will electric utilities of the future give away supercomputers with the purchase of a power contract? Industry experts in high performance computing, communications and storage technologies will explore this question and others in a handful of select panels at SC08 in Austin, Texas, Nov. 15-21, 2008.

Panel topics this year include:

  • Applications for Heterogeneous, Massively Parallel Systems
  • Will Electric Utilities Give Away Supercomputers with the Purchase of a Power Contract?
  • My Cloud, Your Cloud
  • SC Past and Future
  • Exa and Yotta Scale Data
  • The Hungry Music Monster
  • Disruptive Technologies: Weapons of Mass Disruption

As you read the release you would be forgiven for asking yourself, “Dang! Who wrote this lyrical, magical prose?” That’s right, I did. Well, mostly. Jon edited it, and I borrowed liberally from the SC08 web site description of the panels.