InsideTrack: Rocks on Solaris

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Earlier today, we posted a preview of the Sun booth at SC08.  In it, we speculated on the appearance of the Rocks cluster distribution in their booth, running Sun’s Solaris operating system no less.  For once, our speculation was correct!  Thanks go out to Mason Katz, Greg Bruno and Anoop Rajendra [Solaris port project lead for the Rocks team] for confirming the news.

Anoop’s response:

Our display at the Sun booth will consist of –
1. A small cluster running an alpha version of Rocks on Solaris.
2. Fully automated provisioning of Solaris compute nodes, and
Thumper/Thor (NAS) appliances as part of the cluster from a Linux
3. Rolls support
4. MPI support using the Sun HPC Cluster Tools product.
5. Sun Grid engine batch system support, and demonstration of running
MPI jobs using SGE

He goes on to comment….

The most important take-away from this, (we hope) will be that – Rocks
brings the same ease of installation and use to deploying Solaris on a
cluster, as it has brought to Linux for the past few years.

Very cool stuff!  We’ve heard rumors on this for quite some time, but no concrete news to report.  It has now been confirmed and you heard it first on InsideHPC.


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