Sun announces new datacenter design, strategy, and build services

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Sun has announced a new set of professional services today around the datacenter, muscling in on some of the business that HP has been trying to get with their datacenter group

Sun logoSun Microsystems today announced a comprehensive suite of professional services intended to help customers strategize, design and build datacenters optimized for energy, space, and cost efficiency. …Sun consultants can now retrofit existing datacenters to meet minimum power and efficiency needs, or develop new modular datacenter design concepts that can maximize space utilization, increase power and minimize operating costs, based on customers’ specific business needs.

A few points from the release

Sun’s unique datacenter design approach combines the best in mechanical and electrical experience with IT infrastructure design and management experience to help customers bridge IT and building infrastructure requirements. Sun subscribes to the concept of a high density “pod” which utilizes the methodology for modular datacenter design.

…Sun consultants can manage the entire build-out project for customers. This includes selection and management of real estate and property acquisition partners, construction oversite that leverages local construction partners, and data center implementation services which includes IT equipment installation, configuration and readiness services.


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