Tech on display at the High Productivity HPC event in Houston

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Yesterday Cluster Resources announced [WARNING: PDF] their participation in High Productivity HPC, October 2 at PCPC Direct’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. Other partners in the event include HP, Microsoft, and PCPC Direct — a provider of high-performance technology solutions in specialized sectors like oil and gas.

Cluster Resources logoCluster Resources will demonstrate the Moab Hybrid Cluster—an HPC solution that dynamically changes cluster servers between Linux and Windows based on workload, defined policies, and application needs—on PCPC’s hybrid boot cluster.

…“The Moab Hybrid Cluster solution overcomes the capacity-planning problem inherent when estimating the number of servers allocated to different OS resource pools,” stated Michael Jackson, president of Cluster Resources. “Traditionally, these static resource pools have different peak usage times, where one OS remains idle while another has a backlog of workload. The hybrid model breaks down OS resource silos, letting OS pools grow and shrink dynamically to take advantage of otherwise idle compute resources. It also intelligently overcomes hardware and job failures by reallocating compute nodes with the proper OS to compensate for the failures.”

HP will also be showing its workgroup system, about which we haven’t heard in a while

HP logoHigh Productivity HPC will also showcase the affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use HP Cluster Platform Workgroup System (CPWS). This HPC cluster solution is based on the compact HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure, which is designed for smaller technology sites, branch offices, and remote locations. Powered by industry-leading HP BladeSystem c-Class servers, CPWS is easily configured, ordered, and deployed without special power or cooling. This HPC platform enables midsize customers to drive new levels of innovation and productivity while still managing overhead costs.

Admission to the event is free; for info or registration email