DCMA Deploy's Parabon Grid Platform on 10k Computers

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The Defense Contracting Management Association [DCMA] has setup a licensing deal with Parabon Computation to deploy their Frontier Grid Platform on 10,000 computers.  DCMA is responsible for more than 300,000 active contracts within the Department of Defense.  The first test of the deployment will be using Parabon Crush, a statistical modeling application that will allow the DCMA to run financial forecasting models on their outstanding contracts.

The DoD has millions of computers and just like those used in industry, on average 90% of their computational capacity goes unused, simply because the capacity required for normal activities is far less than for peak usage,’ said Dr. Steven Armentrout, Parabon President and CEO. ‘We have addressed the grid security considerations that are unique to the DoD and the intelligence community (IC), so that organizations like DCMA can use the latent capacity of their enterprise and data center computing resources to perform game-changing calculations at a scale not otherwise possible.

Sounds like a large, enterprise Condor pool.  Parabon states that they have addressed the security issue.  Wow.  That’s a big statement considering the onion of security requirements currently implemented within the DoD.

For more info, read the full release here.


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