Intel denies rumors of TLB bug on Core i7

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Tip to for the pointer to this article at Register Hardware. The grist for this afternoon’s mill is the rumor circulating (caused by Intel’s documentation) that it’s new Core i7 processor (Nehalem) suffers from a very familiar bug

Intel logoA recent Core i7 software programmer’s manual update seems to indicate the chips have some Translation Lookaside Buffer-related issues. But Intel says it isn’t so.

…Several months earlier, TLB bugs soured AMD’s launch of its four-core Opteron chips despite the company’s shouts it wouldn’t manifest in real world conditions.

More in the article. An Intel spokesman denies there is a problem and says that the incriminating paragraph in Intel’s documentation is a holdover from a Core 2 Duo issue that has been fixed. If true, someone at Intel shouldn’t get their Christmas bonus.