AMD and Sun deliver small cluster to China

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Although neither Sun nor AMD are reporting this on their own primary (ie, US) sites, China Daily is reporting that oil exploration firm China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) is buying a small-ish cluster based on servers from Sun with Opteron inside

AMD logoIt is disclosed that all the servers will be provided by Sun Microsystems, one of AMD’s strategic partners. The 150 servers, configured as Sun Fire X2200M2 and Sun Fire X4200M2, will be based on 300 AMD Quad-Core Opteron Processors. The HPC cluster is mainly used to run GeoEast, a seismic data processing software proprietarily developed by BGP.

Sun logoAs a subsidiary held by CNPC, BGP is a world leading geophysical service contractor, providing oil exploration, seismic processing explanation, oil geological research, geophysical prospecting research and other service for global oil companies.