Senate: science and computing doing ok so far

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Peter Harsha at the excellent Policy Blog of the CRA reports on some of the twists on the way to the US Senate’s version of the stimulus bill becoming law. $1.2B of the original $1.4B increase in the NSF’s pot stays, but energy and NIST get a cut in the size of their increase

The agreement does reduce the increase in the Department of Energy’s Office of Science by $100 million (so, +$330 million instead of +$430 million), and NIST’s increase would be reduced by $100 million (so +$495 million instead of +$595 million). But given the reports we were receiving as recently as yesterday evening about the possibility of no increase for the science agencies in the bill, this is a remarkable turn of events.

Of course, once the Senate gets done they have to go into conference to negotiate the big differences the Senate has with the House (like, say, the $3B increase for NSF in the House bill).


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