Bio-computing thrust at SC09

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This just crossed my mailbox this evening: news of that the bio-computing thrust in the SC09 technical program is looking for content. From the email

This year SC09 is highlighting Bio-Computing as a thrust area within its technical program. We are seeking submissions for various technical program elements (refereed papers, panels, workshops, tutorials, BOF, and doctorial showcase) that highlight the use of cutting edge computing, network, and storage technologies to solve the varied and complex problems in biosciences.

…The Bio-Computing Thrust initiative at SC09 seeks to broaden the SC community by draw- ing Computational Biologists, Bioinformaticists, and Biologists to SC09 to highlight bio-centric computing, storage, and network challenges and solutions. We are seeking technical program elements that will stimulate discussion on three active areas of research:

1. Data capture, management, storage, and integration that enable efficient knowledge extraction and data intensive computing.
2. Multi-scale analysis and simulation of entire organelle, whole cell, and communities.
3. Innovative computing architectures for data-intensive analysis of biological information.

For more info send an email to: