HPC adoption conference announced

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Found at HPCwire, news that research think tank RTI International is sponsoring a conference that addresses the business and innovation that need to be addressed by organizations considering the adoption of HPC for their business

The three-day event will define the challenges of high-performance adoption and provide solutions for scaling the innovation curve. The program will feature policy and market experts as well as thought leaders from both industry and academia who will offer strategic insights into roadmaps for success in adopting high-performance computing.

…The conference will include topics from implementation challenges and barriers to adoption, to public policy factors and market considerations. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage leading minds shaping the high-performance computing ecosystem and understand how strategic allocation of critical national resources will fuel domestic competitiveness in the high-performance computing revolution.

The conference will be held in San Francisco May 11-13.


  1. Richard Hickey says

    I thought I would drive up and attend the conference to get an idea of what industry thought of HPC. Check things out and see what the other side thought of what we do. That was until I about choked on the $1200 entrance fee. Or $1600 to mingle the night before also. Wow.

    A tad to steep a price to pay for this working fool. A couple of hundred maybe, but $1200? Someone’s smoking some good stuff and not sharing.