SiCortex Honors Earth Day With Special Incentive

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sicortex1In honor of Earth Day, SiCortex has announced an interesting and unusual offer to those interested in purchasing new systems.  SiCortex is offering to pay one year of electricity costs for SC1458 and SC5832 systems purchased for research or production work geared energy conservation, ecology or global warming.  You heard it folks, a whole year of electrical bills.  The promotion kicked off today and lasts through June 30, but you have to register with SiCortex by April 30.  Just to sweeten the deal, they’ll even throw in an SC072-PDS desk-side development workstation.

SiCortex systems offer the most computing power per watt – using up to 80 percent less electricity than conventional HPC clusters or blade systems,” stated Christopher Stone, president and CEO of SiCortex. “Reduce global warming and save money: the SiCortex way to celebrate Earth Day and to recognize all the great research being done – and that is yet to be done – in energy conservation, ecology and global warming.”

I know some folks in the greater Princeton, NJ area that would love to have someone pay their power bills.  For more info, read their full release here.


  1. Assuming $0.10/kwh, that is only about $18K. That represents a discount of perhaps 1-2% off the price of the system. I would think that you could negotiate that sort of discount anyway 😉