Allinea to develop petascale debugger for Oak Ridge

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Following on the heels of the announcement last week that Allinea would partner with the French Atomic Energy Agency to significantly expand the capabilities of its debugging tool to support debugging of GPU/CPU hybrid codes out to 32,000 cores, Allinea announced this week a new partnership with Oak Ridge

Allinea logoAllinea Software, a leading provider of development tools for large-scale parallel high performance computing applications, announced a new multi-year contract with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to develop petascale debugging software, capable of handling 225,000 simultaneous processes and above, for next generation supercomputers.

The collaboration will begin by scaling up the capabilities of Allinea DDT (the Distributed Debugging Tool) on the Cray XT5 supercomputer, nicknamed “Jaguar,” which was installed in 2008 at the ORNL facility in Tennessee. Scientists at ORNL have already used the Cray system to set a new world record for a sustained performance of more than one petaflop (a quadrillion mathematical calculations per second) on two scientific applications.


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