AMD Six-Core Opteron Announcement: Vendor Support Rollup [UPDATED]

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amdAdvanced Micro Devices [AMD] officially announced the public release of its latest addition to the Opteron family.  Codenamed Istanbul, the new silicon sports six cores per socket, the first such design of its kind.  Announcements from Cray, Dell, Appro, Microway, HP, Sun, and SGI soon followed.

.: Cray
Cray logoThis new Six-Core AMD Opteron processor technology from AMD included in our XT5 and XT5m systems will mean more performance at a low cost, superior efficiency and more scalability,” [Barry Bolding, VP of Scalable Systems at Cray] wrote. “It means that researchers, scientists and engineers that utilize Cray supercomputers can now leverage a dramatic increase in computational power to address some of the world’s most challenging and sophisticated problems.”

.: Sun
Sun logoSun is committed to continued innovation along our x64 roadmap  Companies small, medium and large are turning to Sun to quickly and easily upgrade, consolidate and virtualize their data centers to drive the overall efficiency and cost improvements their businesses demand,” [Dimitri Dovas, Director of Systems Marketing for x64 at Sun] said.

.: Dell
Dell logoVirtualization is one of the most effective ways for companies to improve server utilization and improve data center efficiency,” [Armando Acosta, Product Manager for PowerEdge at Dell] wrote. “Our customers adopting the new Istanbul platform will see even greater virtualization performance with the new Istanbul processors.”

.: HP
HP logoWe are really excited about Istanbul and you can be that we’ll be introducing new AMD-based rack, tower and blade servers in very short order,” [Paul Gottsegen, VP of Integrated Marketing at HP] said.

SGI logo“These new Six-Core AMD Opteron processors continue AMD’s leadership in providing the hardware innovations that tackle demanding workloads with superior speed and efficiency,” said Giovanni Coglitore, senior vice president and chief products officer at SGI. “AMD’s energy-saving technologies can greatly benefit the price-performance-per-watt in an existing data center footprint and, together with SGI’s energy-saving server designs, help to greatly reduce overall power consumption.”

AMD released the first short set of public benchmarks and technical info as well.

The new Six-Core AMD Opteron processor has up to 34 percent more performance-per-watt over the previous generation quad-core processors in the exact same platform.(ii) (AMD Opteron processor Model 2435 [SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 1297 ssj_ops/watt, 501,246 ssj_ops at 287W @ 100 percent target load] compared to AMD Opteron processor Model 2382 [SPECpower_ssj2008 overall 970 ssj_ops/watt,376,878 ssj_ops at 272W @ 100 percent target load])

For more info on Istanbul, read eWeek’s roundup here and/or HPCWire’s roundup here.


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