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Fixstars Releases Yellow Dog Linux 6.2

fixstarsFixstars today announced the release of the latest version of their Yellow Dog Linux [YDL] for PowerPC-based machines.  Version 6.2 offers several updates and improvements to make installation faster and easier.

YDL v6.2 offers the following updates and improvements over v6.1:
– Ability to install and boot using USB thumb drive
– Kernel v2.6.29 for ppc64, v2.6.27 for ppc32
– IBM Cell SDK v3.1.0.1
– Xfce 4 Desktop Environment
– OpenOffice 3.0
– Mozilla Firefox v3.0.6
– Improved Wicd
– Improved PS3VRAM support
– Libfreevec
– Gnash v0.8.4
– Over 600 updated packages in all!
– Over 2500 new packages in EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux), available via yum.

YDL 6.2 currently supports Apple PowerPC G4/G5, Sony Playstation3 and the YDL Powerstation.  For more info, read the full release here.


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