New Extreme Computing Group at Microsoft

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Dan Reed has a post on his blog about a new group just formed at Microsoft

Microsoft logoHere is a small item that may be of possible interest, creation of the Extreme Computing Group (XCG) at Microsoft. XCG was formed in June 2009 with the goal of developing radical new approaches to ultrascale and high-performance computing hardware and software. The group’s research activities include work in computer security, cryptography, operating system design, parallel programming models, cloud software, data center architectures, specialty hardware accelerators and quantum computing.

What Dr. Reed fails, modestly, to mention is that the group is his, and that he has been promoted to a Corporate VP position to lead it. This is really just outstanding; Dr. Reed is one of our community’s rock stars, and I’m pleased as punch with the news.

As Corporate Vice President of the eXtreme Computing Group (XCG), Dan Reed is responsible for R&D on the cutting edge of parallel and ultrafast computing. In addition to directing Microsoft’s research in these areas, he spearheads collaborations with university and government researchers working in the field, and represents the company in related public policy discussions. He is also responsible for Microsoft’s cloud computing research.

From what I understand he still reports into the research arm of the company, which is a good thing (for us and them).


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