Penguin Computing Delivers NVIDIA Tesla Cluster

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penguincomputingPenguin Computing, today, announced a new cluster deployment to the University of Delaware’s Global Computing Laboratory, headed by Assistant Professor Michela Taufer.  The new machine, named Geronimo, will be the largest machine in the facility.  More interesting, though, is the hybrid Intel 5400 and NVIDIA Tesla architecture.  The new Tesla machine comes via joint University of Delaware and NVIDIA University Partnership Program funding.  The first set of workloads for the new machine from the Department of Chemistry.  Dr. Sandeep Patel from the Chemistry Department and Dr. Dionisios G. Vlachos from the Chemical Engineering Department is targeting the enhanced performance of large-scale simulations of molecular systems based on Monte Carlo (MC) and Molecular Dynamics (MD) methods.

MC and MD simulations are excellent targets for GPU acceleration since most aspects of these algorithms are easily parallelizable,” said Professor Taufer. “Our GPGPU cluster is not a traditional cluster and we needed Penguin Computing’s expertise in designing a high-quality, turn-key system that optimized our performance goals within our fixed budget.”

For more info on the new machine at UD, read the full release here.