Scalable Informatics selling Cray CX-1s

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So, in this case the headline kind of tells the story. Our friends at SI are now selling Cray CX-1s (the deskside cluster in a box from Cray). I hope this will be good for both of them; on the Cray side I’m glad to see them continuing to expand their reseller network. Cray itself is far too small to be able to effectively manage in-house sales on a product like the CX-1 that is built to be valuable to the company only in large volume, low touch sales scenarios.

Scalable Informatics logoScalable Informatics is pleased to annouce that we are marketing, servicing, supporting, and integrating Cray CX1 deskside and rackmount personal supercomputers.  These innovative systems are usable in office, lab, or data center environments, as building blocks for high performance computing systems, or as dedicated computing platforms.

You don’t know about ScalableInformatics yet? You should: small company of really dedicated, community-minded guys who know their stuff in storage and what I’ll call personal high performance systems (with GPUs and Cells, too).


  1. Nice write up here on Scalable Informatics and it’s a pleasure to be working with Joe Landman again. In the short time Joe and I have reconnected, I have been impressed with SI’s solutions, support and level of commitment to its customers.