Sun announces global rain dance crew

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On Monday at Sun’s CommunityOne Conference (yes, it’s really jammed all together like that — but I guess those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones) Sun announced the formation of a new professional services group to build clouds

Sun logoSun’s comprehensive product portfolio and extensive Professional Services offerings provide the expertise to assess, architect and implement state-of-the-art, efficient datacenters. With this new Cloud Strategic Planning Service, Sun can help clients evaluate cloud computing solutions – both public and private – that can result in significant cost savings and flexibility. The Sun Cloud Strategic Planning Service will evaluate customer cloud readiness and opportunities in four key areas: Business, Organization/Culture, Technology and IT Environments, allowing Sun Professional Services experts to deliver a set of recommendations and associated plans for a solution that meets an organizations’ business and IT objectives.

To which I say, “what the hell?”

I’m rooting for a diverse computer ecosystem, and I’m on record as a fan of hosted HPC. But this is exactly the kind of thing that makes you realize why they couldn’t make money on their own. Sun seems to be piling together buzz words and launching a marketing campaign in the hopes of making a dollar or two from customers who aren’t sure what they want, but are sure it should involve a cloud.

I know I’m getting cranky in my old age, but I think any new business proposition that has this kind of language in it — “Improving IT alignment to support key business drivers;” — deserves ridicule.


  1. Amen! Too much firewater make silly rain dance.

  2. A non E mouse says

    At least the word “breakthrough” wasn’t part of the buzzword usage. That and “paradigm”.

    There should be a rule that any marketeer/exec using more than 4 buzzwords in a PR or marketing blurb has to go around for a month with a sign around their neck saying something like “I am a buzzword addict” or “buzzword breakthrough paradigm abuser” … and they should be registered. As buzzword offenders.