The 411: ScaleMP

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ScaleMP develops server aggregation virtualization solutions with a specific emphasis in high performance computing. Their flagship product is vSMP Foundation. Here is the 4-1-1.

Who: ScaleMP was founded in 2003 and has been focused on applying the principles of resource aggregation (prevalent in storage and networking) and commodity computing (leveraging industry standard servers and interconnects) to address high performance computing (HPC) challenges. In one of his previous roles, the founder led a large IT organization of hundreds of engineers and programmers and managed a broad range of complex IT projects in security, systems and network infrastructure, gaining significant experience in scalable computing and helped formulate the ideas behind ScaleMP.

What: vSMP Foundation is a software solution that aggregates multiple x86 systems into a single virtual x86 system (“reverse VMware”), delivering an industry-standard, high-end symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) computer. By using software to replace custom hardware and components, it offers a revolutionary computing paradigm for scalable computing, reducing overall end-user system cost and operational cost and complexity. vSMP Foundation aggregates up to 16 x86 systems to create a single system with 4 to 32 processors (128 cores) and up to 4 TB of shared RAM.

Why (you care): vSMP Foundation delivers a very versatile solution for high-performance and technical computing environments, combining the best elements of traditional SMP systems and clusters. Compared to traditional SMP systems, it provides a better performing, significantly lower cost alternative. It also offers for cluster customers a simplified clustering infrastructure with a single operating system and storage infrastructure resulting in a simplified cluster installation and management. Customers also have the option to select the best of breed programming model (OpenMP, MPI) for the task at hand.

When: vSMP Foundation has been shipping since 2006 and is currently in its 3rd generation, with satisfied customers across the world and supporting standard x86 platforms from all of the top server vendors.

Where: Learn more at,by email at, or by phone at 1-877-MAX-vSMP.


  1. Is this paid content (an ad) ?

  2. John West says

    anon – good question, thanks for asking it. insideHPC currently runs exactly one kind of paid content, the ads you see in the left sidebar. It is our policy to not run any paid content without marking it as such.

    The 411s are an old feature idea that I haven’t done much with over the past year. If you check categories/the 411 for past posts, you’ll see there are a handful of these for several smaller companies. The idea is to provide just the basics on these companies.

    That said, I’d invite any company out there that would like a 411 to send us an email. I don’t have too many restrictions, except that the companies have to be in HPC, and they can’t do a hard sell in their content. Just the facts about the company and products and why they are of interest to our community.