Voltaire spearheads ecosystem for 10GbE in the datacenter

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Today Voltaire announced that they’ve created a new partner organization to encourage the adoption of 10GbE in the datacenter

Voltaire logo“Voltaire’s approach to scale-out Ethernet fabrics is open and based on industry standards so customers can use best-of-breed solutions across their data centers,” said Asaf Somekh, vice president of marketing, Voltaire. “By building an ecosystem of industry-leading partners with expertise that spans across compute, network, storage access and virtualization technologies, we can provide the most scalable, highest performance, lowest latency and lowest cost 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution for customers.”

And if that helped out sales of Voltaire’s own 10 GbE solutions, well, so much the better. Who’s in? So far

Voltaire has formed technology and solution development relationships with industry leading compute, network, storage access and virtualization technology providers including: VMware, Red Hat, Platform Computing, NYSE Technologies, NetApp, Mellanox Technologies, Intel, IBM, HP, Fulcrum Microsystems, Cluster Resources, Chelsio Communications and BLADE Network Technologies.