Cluster Resources changes name, broadens focus

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Michael over at HPCwire is reporting on the recent change in direction at Adaptive Computing, née Cluster Resources.

Cluster Resources, the middleware vendor that brought its Moab cluster management technology to market, is making a major move to broaden its footprint beyond the company’s high performance computing base. As of this week, the company will be known as Adaptive Computing to reflect its expansion into commercial datacenters and private cloud environments. The new organization will encompass two business units: Cluster Resources, for its traditional HPC customers, and Adaptive Computing for the commercial enterprise side.

For what it’s worth (I suspect it’s worth nearly nothing) I think the new name does not reflect either commercial datacenters or cloud environments, and it has the added disadvantage of losing its HPC focus. If I had to guess the function of the company from the name I’d probably pick something to do with provisioning of virtual systems, or an FPGA-based company. So it’s a brand name (like Cray and IBM) more than an explanatory name (like, I dunno, Datacenter Management Corp. or even Cluster Resources) that they’re going to have to spend time building the brand.

The company describes the move as basically something it is already doing and that customers that do both HPC and traditional business computing will have the benefit of one-stop shopping with the newly expanded Moab suite.

But over the next several years, clusters thoroughly infiltrated the enterprise, and by 2007, Cluster Resources’ business was split 50-50 between the HPC and the commercial datacenter markets. Commercial customers today include Yahoo and a number of financial institutions, among others.

…Today the trend is to consolidate datacenter infrastructure everywhere, and that means these large multi-faceted facilities now resemble supercomputers to a great degree. In both environments, datacenter-level virtualization and workload automation are often the norm.


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