Intel updates Threading Building Blocks

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Intel has updated their Threading Building Blocks library (both commercial and open source versions use the same source tree) to version 2.2. If you’re new to TBB its a C++ template library that gives application developers a high-level abstraction to thread-based parallelism.

Intel’s James Reinders is talking about the new version in a post on his blog

Intel logoC programmers will want to take another look at Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) which has been popularized primarily by C++ programmers. Because C++ didn’t have lambda functions, too much of C++ templates showed through when coding common operations. It was intimidating unless you know and like C++ templates. With version 2.2 and the latest compilers, lambda functions let coding with Intel TBB reasonable for C programmers too (using C++ compiler of course!)

James talks in a detail about many of the major new features, including things like  automatic memory allocator replacement, faster performance for the allocator, automatic initialization, and lots of other stuff. If you are a current TBB user, or considering it, his post is worth a read.


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