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Intel updates Threading Building Blocks

Intel has updated their Threading Building Blocks library (both commercial and open source versions use the same source tree) to version 2.2. If you’re new to TBB its a C++ template library that gives application developers a high-level abstraction to thread-based parallelism.

Intel’s James Reinders is talking about the new version in a post on his blog

Intel logoC programmers will want to take another look at Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) which has been popularized primarily by C++ programmers. Because C++ didn’t have lambda functions, too much of C++ templates showed through when coding common operations. It was intimidating unless you know and like C++ templates. With version 2.2 and the latest compilers, lambda functions let coding with Intel TBB reasonable for C programmers too (using C++ compiler of course!)

James talks in a detail about many of the major new features, including things like  automatic memory allocator replacement, faster performance for the allocator, automatic initialization, and lots of other stuff. If you are a current TBB user, or considering it, his post is worth a read.


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