Craven call for support: we need 20 more fans of the insideHPC Facebook page

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Facebook logoIt was just a couple days ago that I announced the new insideHPC Facebook page, and the response has been tremendous. As of this morning we have 80 fans, which is awesome. Thanks!

Here’s the deal: to get a nice URL to the Facebook page (of the form, instead of something with all the numbers and whatnot in it, we need 100 fans. We’re so close. If you haven’t become a fan already, do it now, or the puppy gets it. And if you are already a fan, mercilessly pester someone who isn’t. Until we have our facebook URL, you can always hand out, which is pretty easy to remember.

You’ll earn +5 health points, and we’ll use that space to post special features, reader notices and news (hint: there are t-shirts with the new logo to be given away), and engage directly with you guys to get your take on the news of the day.


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  1. Kevin Buterbaugh says


    You know I’m a big (and one of the first) fan(s) of your site. I’ve really come to rely on it to conveniently keep me up to date with what’s going on in the HPC world. However, I’m sorry but I don’t use Facebook (or MySpace) or Twitter. Please keep those daily e-mail updates coming, however! Thanks…