So who does make the circuit boards for Blue Gene Q?

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This may well be the ultimate insider post on HPC’s insider news site. As such, I figure there might be two people who care about the news, but I could not pass it up.

Late last week Gannett staff writer My-Ly Nguyen wrote a piece about the NY-based company behind the boards in the next gen Blue Gene

Endicott Interconnect Technologies said it will supply IBM with all of the printed circuit boards, board level assemblies and related interconnect components for the Blue Gene Q, IBM’s next-generation supercomputer.

…EI officials declined to disclose the expected monetary value of the contract but said the work will help retain jobs at the company’s 1,500-employee plant in Endicott. Specifics on the contract’s value and job retention will depend on how well the product sells in the market.

And there you have it. You are both welcome.


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