NVIDIA's CUDA Fortran compiler in beta

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In more NVIDIA news, the company announced today that its beta Fortran CUDA compiler, developed in association with the Portland Group, is now available to registered developers. From the insideHPC mailbag

nVidia logoWhat: NVIDIA today announced that a public beta release of the PGI CUDA-enabled Fortran compiler is now available. Developed in collaboration with The Portland Group , it is the first Fortran compiler compatible with NVIDIA CUDA -enabled graphics processing units (GPUs).

Why: GPU computing with the CUDA C-compiler has gained significant momentum in the High-Performance Computing (HPC) space as it enables developers to get transformative increases in performance with minimal coding required.

Fortran is particularly well suited to numeric computation and scientific computing and remains widely used in a wide range of applications such as weather modeling, computational fluid dynamics and seismic processing.

Where can I get it?: Developers are invited to download the beta CUDA Fortran compiler for Linux, Windows and Mac OS from The Portland Group website at www.pgroup.com/support/downloads.php. The PGI CUDA Fortran compiler requires the CUDA Software Developers Kit (SDK) which is available from CUDA Zone at www.nvidia.com/cuda.


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