Microway GPU-based OctoPuter on display

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While you’re mapping out your days at SC this week, you might include time to stop by and poke Microway’s 8-way GPU box, on display at the show running demo apps

Microway announces its most powerful Tesla GPU based platform to date. The OctoPuter compute engine includes 2x quad-core Intel Nehalem or 2x six-core AMD Opteron processors. The 8 PCI-Express Gen 2.0 x16 slots support up to 8 Tesla C1060s each with 4 GB in a well-cooled chassis specifically designed for multi-GPU applications. Large memory capacity (up to 144 GB) and high efficiency, 2+1 redundant power supply complete the package. This platform is well suited for HPC applications and virtualization. This configuration can be used as a building block with high speed InfiniBand interconnect for dense GPU/CPU computing.

The demo app is a Finite-Difference Time-Domain app modeling the propagation of electromagnetic waves by Tech-X

This algorithm solves the full set of Maxwell’s equations on a regular grid which is 2000×1000 cells large for this case. FDTD is used for a large range of applications, from cell-phone simulations to laser-matter interaction. The rate of grid cells computed per second are plotted on the graphs; in this case there are about 5 million cells per CPU and 400 million cells per GPU. The more GPUs you have, the faster the overall computation runs.

More in the release. Hat tip to HPCwire for the find.


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