Nimbis and OSC team on computationalists for hire

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Commercial HPC provider Nimbis Services (former HPCS-head Bob Graybill’s day job these days) and OSC have announced a partnership that will bundle OSC’s HPC expertise into pre-packaged solutions that companies can buy with the click of a mouse

In a recent Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) pilot project, OSC partnered with other technology companies to support the development of real-time modeling solutions for military suppliers. Secondary and tertiary suppliers to Department of Defense prime contractors often are small businesses that do not have access to advanced computing technology or systems. Nimbis and OSC launched the e-commerce concept after the DARPA study determined that one way to increase access and lower the barriers of entry for companies to explore supercomputing is to offer easy-to-use portal interfaces, not only for modeling and simulation projects but also for business-to-business interactions.

To that end, Nimbis has developed an e-commerce front end to its website ( that allows a client to use a credit card to purchase ‘packages’ of HPC resources. This approach simplifies e-commerce consulting by making the resources directly available to the company, providing them access to consulting relationships with domain experts and computational consultants.

I think this is a pretty interesting idea which addresses the expertise gap that companies face between deciding to try out this “HPC thing” and getting actual value out of their cheap-as-dirt cluster.

“Nimbis will be offering packages of OSC services via our e-commerce site, making it easier for startup and smaller companies to ‘get their feet wet’ by trying out computational resources with minimal risk, administration and latency,” said Robert Graybill, president and CEO of Nimbis Services. “Allowing companies the opportunity to work directly with OSC while bypassing the need for memorandums of agreement is another way to reduce the HPC gap for integration into business operations.”


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