Computer engineer Barbie?

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That’s right, kids. Barbie, as a computer engineer.

The CCC blog is pointing to a contest that Mattel is running to collect votes for Barbie’s next career (she’s had over 120 already; including astronaut). There are five options:


  1. Environmentalist
  2. Surgeon
  3. Architect
  4. News Anchor
  5. Computer Engineer

I don’t care if you are a guy’s guy or if you can scarcely bring yourself to admit you had, played with, and loved the “figure” of the six million dollar man with the hole in his head that you could look through like a telescope through his mechanical eye; go vote for computer engineer Barbie. It’s a long shot, but anything we can do to bring more women in to the field is time well spent.

I had that Six Million Dollar Man, Stretch Armstrong, and GI Joe too. The stuff inside Stretch was awesome.

Vote now! Winner announced Feb 12.


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  1. Not only did I have that Six Million Dollar Man doll — I mean “action figure” — but I also wanted my name to be Steve just like the name of the TV character.