New video features at insideHPC: a look at the year ahead

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As we roll the calendar over to the second decade of the 21st century, insideHPC is launching a series of articles, video, and audio looking ahead to the technologies, issues, and opportunities we’ll be facing in 2010. Check out the new feature.

We are launching the feature with a series of videos shot onsite during SC09 with companies talking about how their businesses are responding to the rapidly evolving landscape of supercomputing. We’ve wanted to do video content for a long time, but we also wanted it to have a lot of production value — still short and to the point, but with some polish. Just like mom used to make. Everything finally came together at SC this year; we hope you enjoy the product.

We’ll be releasing another wave of videos over the next several weeks (including Sun videos this week), also shot at SC, then throughout the first part of the year we’ll follow that up with additional audio content, and original articles that we hope will put you on firm footing for the year ahead.

You also might notice that I’ve added a new set of menu items to the site header; there you’ll find quick links for the various audio, video, and feature coverage that we create here at insideHPC.

HPC in 2010: A look at technology, issues, and opportunities