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Software Development Tools and Education at Intel

When you think about Intel the odds are pretty good that you think about chips, and that is a good place to start. But Intel has thousands of engineers and computer scientists working on software to help millions of developers get the most out of Intel’s hardware, and a large effort on education that starts in K-12 and continues on through the professional level. If you’ve followed Intel’s software efforts you’ve probably run into James Reinders, chief evangelist for software products. I talked with James about the company’s focus on helping developers get at the power in the chips that make up 80% of the Top500 today, and in the chips coming out tomorrow.

[flashvideo file= image= description=”Intel talks to insideHPC during SC09 about software and education” title=”Intel’s James Reinders talks to insideHPC about software and education” screencolor=”0xffffff” height=”270″ width=”460″ /]


  1. It would be cool if Intel supported cloud computing educational center like IBM.

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