New energy performance spec

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Last week the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) announced that it has defined a methodology for measuring watts per performance in the context of its existing benchmarks

The TPC-Energy specification outlines methodologies for measuring energy consumption in data processing servers, disk systems, and system components associated with typical business information technology environments.

…The TPC-Energy specification augments existing TPC Benchmark Standards, including TPC-C, TPC-E and TPC-H, by outlining requirements to measure and report energy metrics in conjunction with each benchmark. TPC-Energy enables manufacturers to provide power metrics in the form “Watts per performance,” where the performance units are particular to each TPC benchmark. As vendors publish TPC-Energy results, customers will be able to identify systems, via the TPC Web site, that meet their price, performance and energy requirements.

TPC-C is for online transaction processing, TPC-E is for databases, and TPC-H is for data warehouses, so you quickly get the idea these benchmarks don’t directly translate to HPC. Still, understanding the approach may be useful to those looking for ways to extend our benchmarks to include an energy dimension. The TPC-Energy report is available from the council’s Web site.


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