Westmere roundup [UPDATED]

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Rather than covering all the various announcements proclaiming product lines that incorporate Intel’s new six-core Xeon 5600 (codenamed Westmere) announced this week, here’s a list. Read away if you want, but the big picture is your favorite vendor either does, or will soon, support it in their gear.

  • Boxx rendering system
  • Matrox Supersight HPC platform
  • Supermicro integrates it into their boards
  • SGI integrates it across the line and puts it in new Origin 400
  • Dell puts it in high end systems
  • Cray slots it in the CX1 deskside (their big iron is still AMD, remember)
  • IBM puts it in System x and Blade Center offerings
  • AMAX‘s ServMax HPC solutions
  • Scalable Informatics JackRabbit tightly coupled computing and storage servers, Pegasus desksides, Delta V storage targets, and siCluster storage cluster systems all support Westmere (added 03192010)
  • Eurotech has Westmere in its “green petascale solution,” the aurora Au-5600 (added 03192010)
  • Verari Systems is back on the grid and sporting Westmeres (added 03222010)

Know of others? Drop me an email or send me a tweet.


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