Cray Releases New Version of Cray Linux Environment

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CrayCray, via the 2010 High Performance Computing User Forum in Michigan, announced the latest release of their Cray Linux Environment.  The third generation of the Cray Linux Environment includes the introduction of the Cluster Compatibility Mode.  This new feature allows users and ISVs to run applications within the Cray environment unmodified.

Scalability is a key component of designing Cray supercomputers and this latest version of our Cray Linux Environment continues to be one of the most scalable Linux environments for high performance computing,” said Barry Bolding, Cray’s vice president of scalable systems. “The introduction of Cluster Compatibility Mode significantly enhances the compatibility features of our operating system. Now the most powerful supercomputers in the world can run our customers’ key ISV applications right out of the box.”

The Cray Linux Environment was designed explicitly to scale to 500,000+ cores in an environment made just for HPC.

SIMULIA and Cray have worked closely for several years to ensure that SIMULIA’s Abaqus FEA software operates efficiently on Cray computing systems,” said Matt Dunbar, Chief Architect, SIMULIA. “With the launch of the Cluster Compatibility Mode, Cray has made significant improvements which expand the computing options for Abaqus users. It is now possible to run Abaqus on Cray XT supercomputers without the need for porting or modifications.”

Accelrys scientific modeling software can now run on the Cray XT line of supercomputing systems without porting or modifications,” said Paul Burrin, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Accelrys. “We are thrilled that Cray’s Cluster Compatibility Mode now gives us the ability to make our applications available on these high-end platforms. Some of our customers need higher levels of performance and scalability to address demanding problems, and Cray’s latest OS release makes the powerful Cray XT line available to our customers.”

For more info on the new Linux digs from Cray, read their full release here.


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