Engaging with insideHPC via the FB Like button

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Over the past couple days I’ve added a new feature to the web site as a trial. If you like it (and use it) I’ll keep it around. If not, out it goes.

Facebook recently created “Like” buttons that are meant to placed alongside content all over the web, and I’ve added them to insideHPC. If you’re a Facebook user and an insideHPC reader, then when you see something you like at the site clicking the “Like” button will add an entry to your Facebook feed that looks like this

FB Like results

Your friends will see that you liked the article and will be able to click on the link to read it here at the site. If you click the Like button while you are already logged in to Facebook then the like is noted in your stream and that’s that. If you aren’t logged in to Facebook then you’ll be prompted in a pop-up from Facebook to log in. Easy peasy.

Why do it? First it gives you a way to put a penny in our karmic tip jar. More importantly it allows you to tell those in your circle of FB friends what content you’ve found that you think is important, spreading the fruit of your reading labor.

I haven’t added these anywhere other than the main site yet, but if there is a positive respsonse I’ll look into adding the buttons into the email and RSS feeds.


  1. ¿Por qué hacerlo? En primer lugar te da una manera de poner un centavo en la punta frasco kármica. Más importante aún, permite indicar a los de su círculo de amigos FB contenido que he encontrado que usted piensa que es importante difundir el fruto de su trabajo de lectura.

    No he añadido estas en otro lugar que el sitio principal, sin embargo, pero si hay un positivo respsonse voy a mirar en la adición de los botones en el correo electrónico y RSS.