A new thing: sponsored posts

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You may have noticed something new in our news stream: Sponsored Posts. This answers a frequent request we get from advertisers to drop specific items into our stream of news. We’ve always wanted to keep the advertising strictly separated from the news, and this change does relax that somewhat, so its an experiment. If I hear an outcry of horror, we’ll obviously stop doing this — insideHPC is for readers, first and foremost. Even if it works, we know for sure we are going to closely limit the number of sponsored posts we run in any given week, with the idea that they should be infrequent and (hopefully) useful, so that you don’t mind them.

As always, if you have feedback don’t keep it to yourself. Drop in a comment or send me an email.


  1. Gotta keep the lights on somehow.

  2. John West says

    Chris – you are a prince among men.

    HPC_Guru – well…when I post it turns into a tweet automatically, along with a link to the story. I _guess_ I could work out how to stop that from happening…probably a few lines of strategically placed php. If you don’t mind my asking, what’s your logic on sponsored tweets versus sponsored posts?