ImpulseC Supports DRC Accelium

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Its been a big week for compiler announcements.  The latest includes the DRC Computer and Impulse Accelerated Technologies.  Impulse announced that their ImpulseC C-to-FPGA tools have been integrated with the DRC Accelium coprocessor card.  The integration allows software engineers to design and utilize compute workloads for the FPGA card using C-type language constructs.

We are happy to see our technology made more accessible to software developers,” said Lawrence Laurich, President of DRC. “The work Impulse has done to abstract away the low-level hardware details, plus their ability to automatically parallelize C code, has brought hardware capability to the much larger population of software developers.”

The integration is the work of Synective Labs, a long-standing partner to DRC and Impulse, specializing in hardware acceleration solutions. The Synective team developed robust links from ANSI C to all the key hardware features of the DRC boards.

The DRC Accelium platform integrates many of the components our software-oriented users need to deploy dozens to thousands of accelerated systems,” said Brian Durwood, CEO of Impulse. “By providing a well-integrated, tested and expandable platform to industry, DRC takes much of the risk out of high performance computing.”

For more info, read their full release here.