Link and Run for 05/21/2010

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Each week I read (well, skim) a bunch of posts. Many of them are clearly uninteresting to you, my discriminating reader (although the firings at the Health Professions Council are sometimes quite interesting). Some of what I read is both interesting and relevant, and those get read in detail and posted, sometimes with quite a bit of analysis from me.

Then there is the stuff in the middle: might be interesting to some of you, but either there isn’t much more to say than what’s in the post I’ve found or I don’t have time to write it up. Until today I’ve just thrown those links away.

Today that carnage of content ends! Starting today I’ll be posting at least some of the links that I think are interesting but for whatever reason don’t be written up in these “Link and Run” posts. Look for them about once a week.

Infusion adds HPC competency
“Infusion’s deep software development and training expertise will help customers in financial services and government take full advantage of Windows HPC Server 2008, including new capabilities that bring supercomputing power to Excel 2010,” said Vince Mendillo, senior director, Microsoft High Performance Computing Group.

As part of announcing this relationship, Infusion will begin conducting Discovery Workshops in North America, Canada and the UK. These Discovery Workshops are centred on HPC services for Excel 2010 and targeted towards financial services customers.

Dell taps ARM processors for low-power servers
Dell Inc. is set to test multicore ARM processors from Marvell Technology Group for possible use in low-power servers for large data centers. The company has already shipped a few thousand low-power servers based on x86 processors from Taiwan’s Via Technologies Inc.

SGI to distribute LSI enterprise storage products
SGI, a provider of HPC and data centre solutions, has agreed a global initiative with LSI Corporation to expand its SGI InfiniteStorage products with new configurations powered by LSI. This expanded relationship will make available a wider breadth of LSI’s storage technology through direct and indirect sales force.

Vector Fabrics cloud tools to automate sequential C code analysis for multi-threading
Vector Fabrics announces vfAnalyst, a cloud-based tool for parallelizing sequential C code. The first in a planned family of cloud computing tools, vfAnalyst enables software engineers to easily identify the most promising parallelization opportunities so that they can create an effective multicore implementation much more quickly than is possible today.

Structured Parallel Programming with Deterministic Patterns
This document discusses and advocates a structured approach to parallel programming. This approach is based on a core set of common and composable patterns of parallel computation and data management with an emphasis on determinism and scalability. By using these patterns and also paying attention to a small number of factors in algorithm design (such as data locality), programs built using this approach have the potential to perform and scale well on a variety of different parallel computer architectures.


  1. carnage of content? That is just beautiful man!