Cray will flog DDN's new SFA10000 gear

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Storage vendor DDN, who announced this week they are part of the petascale system (along with storage maker LSI) that’s going in at CEA, is announcing an extended partnership with Cray with Cray this morning.

According to an email the company sent in

Cray logoDataDirect Networks (DDN), Inc., …today announced it has extended its alliance  with Cray Inc., the supercomputer company, to feature the next-generation Storage Fusion Architecture from DataDirect Networks as a core component of its open-platform file storage strategy.  The SFA10000 is the first of the next-generation DDN intelligent storage systems to be used in all of Cray’s high-end supercomputers, which now includes the new Cray XE6 supercomputer.

The SFA10000 is the same kit that’s part of the CEA installation. To go along with the announcement DDN highlighted that they have already been part of big XE6 (Cray’s next gen system, the machine formerly known as “Baker”) wins at NOAA and the DoD HPCMP.