CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming

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This isn’t a review, but given the popularity of my last CUDA book review, I thought I’d mention that Addison-Wesley has published a new book called CUDA by Example: An Introduction to General-Purpose GPU Programming. The book is written by NVIDIA’s Jason Sanders and Edward Kandrot, both software engineers on the CUDA team.

From NVIDIA’s description of the book

CUDA book coverCUDA by Example, written by two senior members of the CUDA software platform team, shows programmers how to employ this new technology. The authors introduce each area of CUDA development through working examples. After a concise introduction to the CUDA platform and architecture, as well as a quick-start guide to CUDA C, the book details the techniques and trade-offs associated with each key CUDA feature. You’ll discover when to use each CUDA C extension and how to write CUDA software that delivers truly outstanding performance.

Table of Contents

  • Why CUDA? Why Now?
  • Getting Started
  • Introduction to CUDA C
  • Parallel Programming in CUDA C
  • Thread Cooperation
  • Constant Memory and Events
  • Texture Memory
  • Graphics Interoperability
  • Atomics
  • Streams
  • CUDA C on Multiple GPUs
  • The Final Countdown

Here’s a link to the book at Amazon (non-affiliate link).